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Do you have sore feet after a long day at work?

Do you want to feel relaxed and comfortable when you get home after work?

Do you want to make the most of your time at home, but also be fashionable?

If these questions fit, then we proudly introduce you to our newest, comfiest, and most fashionable slides in Australia!



The comfort you deserve

Our Calming Slides are made from high-elastic EVA materials, which are durable, light-weight, and provide the best comfort experience. The engineering design of the hollow footbed can effectively support the foot, and its 4 cm sole cushion provides better footbed support. It is designed with anti-slip textured materials to prevent slipping or your feet coming out. These materials are also wear-resistant and easy to wash and dry, making them suitable even for bathroom wear.

They are designed with pure color and a concise style. Also, they are suitable for various occasions and available in different sizes.




✔ Prevents Feet & Leg Pain

✔ Get Rid Of Sore Feet, & Leg Cramps

✔ Provides Comfort To Prevent Fatigue When Walking

✔ Instant Relief For Foot Pain In Just Minutes

✔ Reduces The Risk Of Slipping On Wet Surface

✔ Relaxes Your Feet & Muscles

✔ Free Shipping


Have you ever wanted to just walk around and feel better? You know, like a normal person?

We've got that covered.

When it comes to slides, there's a lot of options out there. But we believe that our Calming Slides are the best.

Our Calming Slides are ergonomically designed to provide instant relief to your feet, ankles, knees, and hips. Our perky and sturdy sole is designed to provide superior relaxation for every step you take. 

If you love walking around in pain-relieving comfort like our 8,000 active customers do, then our Calming Slides is for you.

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